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Anti-Viral Hand & Surface Sanitizer

One of the most valuable benefits of pure essential oils is their ability to kill a virus without side effects. Making Essential Oils beneficial for all people because our bodies battle bacterial and viral infections daily. This blend of essential oils wards of germs, freshens the air, boosting the immunity of those who are breathing the aroma of the oils. We have formulated a natural and potent anti-viral spray that does not contain harmful chemicals or alcohol that dries and irritates the skin. It is a must for traveling, shopping, restrooms, airports, classrooms, backpacks, offices, hospitals and more!

Directions: Shake bottle, spray on anything you wish to sanitize. The blend may be used on your hands, to disinfect surfaces and even kill airborne germs when sprayed in a room. You may use as often as needed.

Ingredients: Clove, Lemon, Cinnamon Bark, Eucalyptus and Rosemary Essential Oils. All these oils combined support the immune system and all have anti-viral actions such as surface and airborne viruses, bacterial and fungal.

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Hand & Surface Sanitizer